8 Can't Wait

#8CantWait is a campaign to bring immediate change to police departments.

Since we launched, we’ve heard from communities across the country who, like us, have demanded radical transformative change that moves beyond policing as key to public safety.

We’ve seen dozens of cities adopt the goals of #8CANTWAIT, policies that can reduce the harm caused by police in the short-term. And while we are proud of the impact we were able to make, we at Campaign Zero acknowledge that, even with the best of intentions, the #8CANTWAIT campaign unintentionally detracted from efforts of fellow organizers invested in paradigmatic shifts that are newly possible in this moment. For this we apologize wholeheartedly, and without reservation. Our organization was founded on utilizing a data-driven approach to creating solutions, and we are building processes to ensure our future projects are bolder, more transparent and accountable to communities.

While we do not consider these adoptions a sole victory, we believe that they are useful steps on the path towards a collective goal. We needed to be in further conversation with the rest of our community, and are committed to this moving forward.

While we stand by the idea that any political leaders truly invested in protecting black lives should adopt the #8CANTWAIT policies, we also believe the end goal for all of us should be absolute liberation from policing, and encourage visitors to the site to support the range of organizers who are making progress in employing other strategies towards abolition: defunding the police and reinvesting in community.

If you are from a place where #8CANTWAIT is being considered, demand steps towards defunding and abolition. If you are a legislator who has adopted these policies or are considering it, please know that it will take many strategies to move beyond policing and use this time to learn more and listen to the needs of your community.

Please scroll down to find information on abolition, anti-racism, and organizations you should be following:

Research shows more restrictive use of force policies can reduce killings by police and save lives. Tell your city to adopt all eight of these policies.

See how many policies your city has enacted and take action now.

Contact your mayor or sheriff right now to let them know: eight can't wait.

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